World’s Most Nutritious

Acid Tiger is the world’s first brain food and the world’s most electrolyte dense energy drink. AcidTiger is designed for bosses, trailblazers, rebels, racers, musicians and ruthless, arrogant & audacious personalities It is not for law abiding beta geeks, it is for those alphas who want to create them.


Stop waiting for the right time, stop waiting for the right prey. Hunt now, Dominate now, Annihilate now



When To Drink ??

One at a gym, one at work

Acid Tiger Is An Awesome Pre-workout And Energy Sustainer. Have One At Work Or Workout

When out on a drive, when out on a ride

Sleepy On A Long Drive Or A Ride? Acid Tiger Influences Brain Fuctions And Improves Its Alertness And Reflexes

One after waking up

It Is Recommended To Drink Acid Tiger After Waking Up, Before Food To Harness Maximum Results

One before the action

Whenever You Feel You Need To Hunt Your Enemies Let The Acidtiger Possess You

Our History

AcidTiger comes from the jungle of the wildest and unimaginably ruthless hearts. An apex, arrogant and audacious hunter. A timeless sinister tiger born to danger, be like the acidtiger. Be Dangerous…. Est, Apr18, 2023, AcidTiger is the world’s most nutritious energy drink brand. Acidtiger energy drink was discovered by its owner Mounesh Rampur for his own energy and electrolyte deficiency which he experienced while practicing martial arts. While served as a traditional drink in the family, use acidtiger came to him as an insight. After a deep research and prolonged use and gaining numerous health benefits he suggested acidtiger to his friend and advisor Mounesh Surpurkar. Thus commenced a wild journey of tiger, an onslaught to replace all the energy drinks of the world with a one real solution, AcidTiger. After being disappointed and annoyed by the so called energy drinks and their ill effects, and with ambition to serve the society and the energy-health ecosystem, they together established AcidTiger Supersports.

Our Story

Acidtiger Superpsports, est, aug 11, 2023, is a highly ambitious project and sub-brand of acidtiger energy drink aimed on raising the underappreciated and indigenous sports and sports athletes to an international platform. and creating benefiting opportunities for the all the indigenous people of the world. 

Starting from the off-road enduro trails, acidtiger aims to empower local motorsports, local indigenous sports, acidtiger is the India’s only energy drink brand to partner with social groups and boast a community of 280+ motorsport, athletes and enthusiast.

Acidtiger Supersports also is the official partner of police department and a prime advocate for our civil servants, who indeed are the building blocks of our nation.

Join us in the victory march!!

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